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Philadelphia Wildlife Control Services

We Provide a Full Range of Pennsylvania Wildlife Removal Services

What problems do wildlife cause?

Most of the calls we get are because homeowners hear animals scurrying around inside the attic or walls. Most of the damage inside a house or attic is unseen. Rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats often chew on electrical wires. Wildlife such as raccoons, bats, birds, opossums, and rats spread several diseases that humans can and do catch, such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and more. Many critters leave droppings and urine in an attic or cause mold or odor problems. We also handle animals outside the house. It could be a critter that has dug a large hole next to your house, or a raccoon in your garbage cans, an opossum that is stealing pet food, or a skunk living under your deck, causing an odor problem. Some animals destroy your garden or landscaping. Or perhaps you are simply scared of snakes. Whatever the problem is, our wildlife experts can remove the source of the problem, and prevent it from happening again. We are not a Philadelphia extermination company, nor pest control. We are dedicated Philadelphia wildlife control experts.

Philadelphia Raccoon Removal - Raccoons commonly live in the attic, where they cause damage. They can also cause many problems outside.

Philadelphia Rat Extermination - We solve rat and mouse problems PERMANENTLY, by finding and sealing shut any and all rat entry holes.

Philadelphia Bat Control - We have a 100% success rate safely removing Pennsylvania bats from buildings, and we guarantee our work.

Philadelphia Squirrel and Rodent Removal - For any critter, such as squirrels in the attic, we remove them, repair damage, & clean.

Why is our company the best?

We believe we are Philadelphia's best. We do a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground to roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We are fully Pennsylvania licensed and insured, and ready to solve your Philadelphia critter problem. Call us any time for a phone consultation and price quote, at 215-874-6600.

Philadelphia wildlife removal - article of the month

How to Get Rid of House Mice

When you have a mouse issue within your home, you may start thinking of ways in which one can get rid of them as effectively as possible. There are different Philadelphia bird control ways in which this can be achieved. Most often, it is suitable that you prevent an infestation before it even starts. However, if you already have an infestation within the home, there are some things that you can do so as to handle the issue once and for all.


This is one of the ways that most people will opt for since they just want the infestation to end as soon as possible. However, this is not such an ideal idea for many different reasons. Using poison causes the mouse so much agony before it finally dies. The fact that you cannot tell how much poison each mouse will take makes the option quite unpredictable. Sometimes the Philadelphia rodent extermination dosage taken can be too little to kill the mouse but enough to make it go through too much unnecessary agony at the end of the day. When we think about wild animals or even the less wild animals, we get scared of having them in our premises. Though, it is not a new thing to tell, however, on the other hand, let’s think, if they get entered in home unintentionally, what will happen? How can anyone get them lost of their home? It’s an important point to discuss. There are lots of ways to do them but first thing is to know the appearance of the animal that is entered in home and exactly knowing about the food that can attract it so one can trap it through that way.

The other thing with poison is that you the mouse can actually die in places which are hard to reach. This means that you will have to deal with the strong decaying odor of the mouse without even knowing its exact Philadelphia bat removal location. The mouse can also die in areas that are hard to reach. The poison also poses a great risk to your pets and your children if at there are any within the home.

Snap traps:
This is yet another popular way of catching mice and killing them instantly. Killing of mice may not be allowed in some localities and so it is essential that you contact your local authorities and find out about the legality of the action. Also, killing rats isn’t a very humane thing to do. When a snap isn’t set in the appropriate manner, it may cause the animal too much agony which is never a necessity. Sometimes the mice can also become trap shy and stay away from the snap traps altogether.

Live traps:
Live traps are also a great recommendation especially who are sensitive to the needs of animals. The traps can be set in a way that they mice will be caught very easily. Baiting is a very important Philadelphia raccoon removal thing when this method is chosen and it has to be done well so as to be efficient. One thing that you need to note with this method is that you need to check whether there are any young ones in the space that was previously occupied by the mice. It is not a humane thing to leave the young ones all alone because they have no capacity to fend for themselves. If left all alone, they eventually die of starvation.

One way exclusion:
This is one of the best Philadelphia snake removal methods that you can use not only for mice but for other wild animals as well. However, this method may take quite some time if you want it to be effective. You need to do a thorough inspection of your house and find all the holes that the mice may be using to gain entry. It is important that you remember that mice can actually squeeze themselves through very small spaces and so each and every Philadelphia rat control space needs to be handled. The inspection needs to start from the ground up. You will see mice trails and the routes they use as they go to search for foods. Mice are nocturnal and so they often get out in search of food.

You need to make sure that you keep all sorts of foodstuffs out of reach of the mice. When you have discovered all the open gaps, you need to seal them off using materials that the mice cannot chew on. You should then leave a few holes open and place the one way exclusion gadgets. This will allow the mice to get out of the house but not back in. before this method can be effective, the house needs to have been made mouse proof. You also need to clear all clutter around your home to discourage the mice from hanging around and looking for ways to get back in. keep your garbage cans tightly closed at all times and all pet food covered and indoors especially at night.

Many people also waste their resources on repellants that don’t work at all. Mice will just get use to the repellent and continue with their business as usual. It is important that you ensure that the method you have chosen to use has been proven to have great results. One thing you should note is the fact that the companies that make repellents claim that they give satisfactory results thereby dealing with the critter issue completely. There is no proven repellent that can work on mice so don’t waste your efforts on these.

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We pride ourselves on both our professionalism with customers and our humane treatment of wild animals in Pennsylvania. We specialize in removal of animals inside houses in the Philly area, including raccoons and squirrels. We prefer not to handle rat problems. Birds that are living in your attic can be a serious problem. Not only are they noisy, they are living rent free and putting your family at risk. Bird droppings carry bacteria that can cause illnesses. Our team answers our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your home and your family safe from any and all of Philadelphia's wildlife. We proudly service the following cities: Wayne, Upper Darby, Springfield, Media, Camden, Bala Cynwyd, Abbington, Cherry Hill, Norristown, Pottstown, King of Prussia, Lansdale, Willow Grove, Horsham, Montgomeryville, Ardmore, Harleysville, Audubon, Glenside, Sanatoga, Kulpsville, Conshohocken, Hatboro, Maple Glen, Souderton, Ambler, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell, Trooper, Collegeville, Levittown, Croydon, Morrisville, Perkasie, Doylestown, Richboro, Telford, Sellersville, Bristol, Whitehall, Germantown, Chester, and Drexel Hill. We also service the following counties: Bucks County, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County. We are ready to solve your Philadelphia wildlife removal issue!

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