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  • Philadelphia Educational Article of the Month - How To Clean Wild Animal Waste In Your Attic

How To Clean Wild Animal Waste In Your Attic

How To Clean Wild Animal Waste In Your Attic

After getting rid of the wild Philadelphia animal from your property, one of the biggest pains is cleaning the inhabited place other than repairing. If the shelter has been your attic then this becomes a bigger and need to be done quickly type issue as the attic is inside and the top most portion of the house, the effects are also devastating. Foul smell, worms like parasites falling from the walls and if not done quickly fear of other Pennsylvania animal to invade attracted by the smell.

These invaders leave a trail of:
- Droppings.
- Their food waste.
- Straws and sticks for building nest.
- Urine patches.
- Pheromone smell which might invite other invader or a predator.

Cleaning the attic is a bit tricky job as the whole place would be airborne disease Philadelphia garden. Special training has to be taken and suits has to be worn to be safe while performing the cleaning and sterilizing of the place, this could cost you more or cost you less depending upon the waste and damage done. Always recommended to get this done by the professionals, they will have the proper cleaning tools. They will also be equipped with face masks, gloves and suits to protect themselves. Majorly there are three steps involved in this process:

- Vacuum cleaning: For a small Philadelphia animal like mice, rats, bats, etc. all the poop and food debris or other waste materials could be picked up using a vacuum cleaner. If the waste is too much throughout the attic, it becomes difficult to pick up with hands. If there is too much waste on the insulator it becomes impossible to pull them by the vacuum cleaner hence a hose pipe is used with the suction machine outside the house and the whole insulator is been sucked in.
- Cleaning by hands: For bigger animals like skunks, opossums, raccoons, etc. vacuum cleaner does not work so those are being done by hands. The people are completely covered within the biohazard suits and rubber gloves, picks up the whole waste including the straws or sticks or leaves brought by the Pennsylvania critter for creation of nest.
- Sterilization: Once the cleaning is done and the whole place is still stinking with bad smell and full of parasites due to the oily and sticky secretion left over from the body or urine stains on the walls or floor of the attic which cannot be removed in a normal way, the whole place is been smoked with special biohazard prevention gas which sterilizes the whole area and also kills the foul smell.

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