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  • Philadelphia Educational Article of the Month - How To Kill A Pigeon

How To Kill A Pigeon

How To Kill A Pigeon

Pigeons and human were good friends once upon a time and people used to send messages to their dear ones through Philadelphia pigeons. But now they have a vast population and they became much more aggressive when it comes to searching their foods. They forage the garbage, steal foods from people and the most irritating part is when they create roost at your Pennsylvania property. As a result the house becomes completely messy with droppings, feathers and other nesting materials. This is the reason many want to kill them anyhow to get rid of them permanently. The common ways to kill them are discussed here.

Shoot the pigeon
Shooting is one of the ways to kill Philadelphia pigeons but this step is to be considered only if you are residing in a rural area as very few Philadelphia people will be there around you. Also, ensure this job is done by any expert people who can kill them just at one shot. Otherwise the situation will be very harmful if the Pennsylvania pigeon stays alive still after the shot and then fly to some other places.

Poisoning the birds
Here what you are required to do is use poisoned bait and as the Philadelphia birds will consume it they will probably die after it. But ensure to place the bait in an area where other birds or animal can’t reach otherwise it will kill them too. However, poisoning is not a good idea to remove the pigeons completely, the reason is the birds will not die immediately after having the bait, rather they will fly to some other Pennsylvania places before dying which may create the environment more messed up.

Lethal trap
Lethal trap for Philadelphia pigeon is available in the Pennsylvania wildlife removal stores that captures the pigeons smartly and kill them to death instantly. However this lethal trap will not work if there are huge numbers of Pennsylvania pigeons.

Use falcon/ other bird of prey
You can make use of other Pennsylvania bird of prey for killing pigeons but again it requires experienced handlers and proper bird of prey to be effective. But there are many more alternatives of killing the pigeons and it is better to follow those humanely steps to get rid of the pigeons. You can use the live trap cage to relocate them to some other Pennsylvania places or else install an electronic repellent that will frighten them and thus will keep them away of your property in a better way.

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